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Hair transplantation is the most important process begins after the process is complete. The process of the emergence of hair care and precision in this process is crucial to productivity. dressing the next day the donor area cultivated field and the operation is maintained. First trading day with the dressing is removed , cleaned in both areas and we uğurlamakt our patient after blood circulation control. The next day repeat itself by guests of the plated area and wash treatment of the donor sites. Part of our process related to us how her hair after washing it should be explained to the people is completed. After he taught us wash his hair that way for 15 days , all the shells are cleaned in the washing process, we would have completed 15 days in October .

Our patients want, such as after previous normal lives and hair will continue to express washing with soap or shampoo. The hair will have 10 days as of spills and spill may extend this period to an average of 1.5 months. The reason for this is the process of breaking out during the remaining part of the recovery makes itself where the tap while opening channels. However, root and to remain under the skin tissue that is certainly a danger or a problem, so it is a completely expected (all the planted hair At this stage, some or none may fall. Every 3 is also not a problem, are expected cases). extension phase of the transplanted hair will begin after the end of an average of 100 days in the post. However, at this stage of hair transplantation it is not right to expect a sudden explosion. Because there is a certain chain of hair texture and hair can complete the chain to emerge and begin to grow. Some hair while completing it in 3 months, while some others can be completed on or after 1 year, 5 months. However, the overall figure out all of the hair and lengthening the average 1 - 1.5 years is to find. The hair on the right channel technique, in proper angles and careful cultivation process is done you will be completely natural and serious health problems, shock, spill will not happen in the event of unusual circumstances such as accidents.

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05 Kasım 2017
05 Kasım 2017