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Mesotherapy literarily means the treatment applied directly to the mid layer of the skin. The aim is to be effective by injecting less active material into the area to be treated. This method is used on face, hairy skin and body.

In hair mesotherapy in İstanbul Hair Center, special serums containing vitamins, minerals and other elements are injected to the mid layer of the skin where the hair roots are located.

It enables refreshment in jadish hair and helps the recovery of the hair loss caused by another disease (thyroid, anemia etc).



Benefits of Mesotherapy

The medication is injected close to the patology. The befits of this method are as follows;

Local Application Possibility

Less side effects and low cost
External intra-dermal or subdermal application, active bio-availability of the medication
Longer sessions intervals than the other routine applications.

Which medications are used in Mesotherapy??

Medications used in Mesotherapy varies. These medications are mostly herbal products approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration) sold in pharmacies. The most important thing is to know the pharmacological features of the medication used in the mixture, their mutual interference and side effect potential.

When can I see the results??

After 5 or 7 sessions you may observe the changes. 3 months should pass to observe the first positive results.

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